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Mahendra Tools and Machines

 Authorized Distributor of NITTO- KOHKI Japan in India

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To download the catalog for the entire range of NITTO - KOHKI Japan make Machine Tools, click on the link to the right.

NITTO Machine Tools Catalog - click here to download

NITTO KOHKI - Japan make

Machine Tools


Specializing in easy to use, high production, automatic feed magnectic drill and hand-held hydraulic punches, NITTO KOHKI machine tools.


Some of our products are:-

Portable Automatic Drill Machine -


WA- 3500


Portable Manual Drill Machine :-

Atra Ace A-100

Atra Ace WOJ - 3200


Portable Double Acting Hydraulic Puncher:-

HS11 - 1624


JetBroach Carbide Annular Cutters


HiBroach HSS Annular Cutters


Hand Beveler

HB 15B


Electric Punch

E55 - 0619



For more products and more information please download the catalog from the link above.


Mahendra Tools and Machines (I) Pvt. Ltd.  - Authorized Distributors for NITTO KOHKI Japan, for the past 15 years. NITTO products are known for its performance and durability and we hope that it will do wonders for you as well.


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